Memorial Rose Garden


The traditional rose garden is a feature of our gardens. The mature rose plants produce some of the best blooms seen in the north coast and have won many garden competitions.

The rose garden has beige and red coloured decorative stones where the ashes are interred in the ground in a cremation urn. A concrete block is poured and the granite plaque is attached to the concrete.

Memorial Plaques

The plaques are highly polished natural stone and an inscription of your choice is engraved on the stone by our on site laser engraver, ensuring an everlasting memorial.

Individual interments or couples are catered for in this area.

All our memorials require the payment of one fee only as perpetual maintenance is provided. The fee is all inclusive and includes the memorial plaque.

Payment Plan

A payment plan is available for all reservations, memorial purchases and pre paid cremation certificates. A deposit is payable and regular payments are made. Please discuss the details with our staff or read more on our pre-purchase page.