Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When are you open?
Our grounds are open 24 hours seven days a week. The grounds consist of lushly landscaped areas set among a park like environment. Our gardens have won great acclaim in the district and have also won many competitions.

Q: What do I do when someone dies?
The first thing to do is contact the person’s doctor, so a Death Certificate can be issued. If the person dies in hospital, then the medical staff there will organise the Death Certificate. You will also need to contact a funeral director and arrange for the transfer of the body into their care and to organise the funeral service. A decision on burial or cremation needs to be made and after the funeral the style and location of a suitable memorial.

Q: Are there rules about funerals?
You can choose to commemorate your friend or relative in any way you like within reason. At MGLMG we encourage families to have a service that they want, not having to follow convention or unnecessary rules. Please discuss any ideas you have with our staff to ensure the smooth conduct of the funeral.

Q: What is the importance of a Memorial?
Memorials pay respect to the departed but they are really for the living. They contribute positively to the grieving process by providing a sense of place and leaving a tangible record of a life for family, friends and future generations. Memorials are stepping stones to the past and to the future generations.

Q: How do I know I am getting my loved ones ashes?
A structured identification and documentation procedure is used to ensure that families receive the ashes of their loved ones. An identification plate is attached on the coffin which indicates the name of the deceased person. The identification plate stays with the coffin from its arrival through all the different processes ensuring that each cremation is kept entirely separate. The last process is to compare the plate to the label which is attached to the cremation urn.

Q: Are coffins reused?
No they are not. Everything inside and the embellishments such as handles and crucifix are placed in the cremator.

Q: Do I pay any maintenance fees for a memorial?
There is only one fee at MGLMG. Our memorials are in perpetuity. In other words once you purchase a memorial we are responsible for the upkeep.

Q: Can I scatter the ashes?
Did you know that you can place a memorial plaque at MGLMG even though the ashes may have been scattered. We can scatter the ashes is a special area but we find that families are far better provided for with the traditional internment of ashes and a memorial where they may tend and visit. It also provides for a stepping stone between the generations.

Q: What can I place on the memorials?
We provide vases for the placement of fresh flowers.